Product Spotlight: 3-in-1 Jacket

  • Nov 16, 2018

With winter finally upon us, many people are scrambling for a warm and stylish winter jacket. In Edmonton, we’re seeing temperatures right around -20 degrees Celsius and customers are gravitating toward our winter jacket displays. At the front of our display is a brand new selection of 3-in-1 jackets.

What is a 3-in-1 jacket? Also referred to as “system jackets”, a 3-in-1 jacket consists of two jacket layers that zip or snap together. They can be worn separately or together for additional warmth and weather protection.

Why is it called a 3-in-1 if there are only two jackets? While it’s true that a 3-in-1 jacket only has two jackets, the name comes from the fact it can be worn 3 separate ways. The outer shell is made up of waterproof, breathable synthetic material that is designed to be worn alone in mild or wet weather. The insulating inner layer is typically made of something warm, like fleece or down. These layers usually have pockets or other style features and can be worn alone when the main objective is for warmth. When the weather is really nasty – cold, wet, windy, a typical Alberta winter – you would zip or snap these two layers together to create the ultimate winter jacket, designed to keep you warm and dry!

What should you look for in a good 3-in-1 jacket system? As with any article of clothing, choosing the best jacket system for you depends on what you need it to do. For the average person who just wants to stay warm in unpredictable weather, a basic 3-in-1 system will suffice. But for someone who loves to ski, snowboard or spend all their time outdoors, they may opt for the more technical jackets with underarm vents, interchangeable layers and other special features. However, there are some features that are very beneficial, no matter how you plan to use this jacket.


  1. Articulated elbows allow you to have a full range of motion, without the restriction that we sometimes find with heavier jackets.
  2. Fully sealed seams ensure that the jacket remains waterproof. Even though a winter jacket may be advertised as water resistant, water has a tendency to work its way through zippers, snaps and seams. Look for a jacket with fully sealed seams to avoid sneaky leaks from inclement weather.
  3. Detachable or hidden hoods are a feature that most people don’t consider. While a hood is handy to have in colder weather, the wearer may not want it all the time. Having the option to remove or hide the hood allows the user to create a different look or function. Further, you can look for a jacket with single hand hood adjustments and save yourself the acrobatic workout when it comes to using or adjusting the hood!


Promotional Wearhouse is proud to carry a wide selection of 3-in-1 System Jackets to suit all budgets, with a variety of available colors and decorating options. Please stop by our award winning show room to take a look at the samples we have in store or to speak with our knowledgeable sales staff about customization and any other promotional needs you may have!

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