Does Your Corporate Apparel Need An Overhaul?

  • Aug 30, 2018

Times are changing and styles are evolving. The style of your corporate apparel is no exception! Many businesses are moving away from the hard and fast rules of business professional attire, opting instead for more casual work attire. While some companies still require a suit and tie, many business owners are choosing to trust their employees to make good decisions when it comes to suitable work wardrobes. Logo’d corporate apparel is a fun way to infuse a little style into a casual work place.


If you already have a line of corporate apparel, when was the last time you really considered if it was still in style? Believe it or not, certain fabrics, cuts and even colors go in and out of style all the time and it’s easy to look dated if you’re not careful! Here are some signs that you may need to consider a corporate apparel overhaul…


  1. The Color: Pay close attention to current trends and popular Pantone shades. Are you seeing a lot of neutral colors? Maybe you’re seeing jewel tones or bright, vibrant shades. If your corporate apparel doesn’t stray from white, gray and black, it may be time to think about adding new colors.
  2. The Fabric: Itchy, stiff fabric is no fun and current styles lean toward soft, comfortable fabrics. Poly-blends such as polyester, spandex and nylon are ideal for most work environments due to how soft and flexible it is.
  3. The Style: The style of your corporate attire is one of the first things people notice and it can help brand and shape your company. Athletic-style attire is popular right now and can give your company a more laid back vibe, while being comfortable for your employees all day long.
  4. The Cut: The way a piece of clothing fits is very important. A straight, box-cut style is out of date and unflattering on most body shapes; a polo shirt is more form fitting without being constricting. When ordering corporate apparel, it’s important to select a style that is flattering for all employees, if you want them to enjoy “repping” your brand!
  5. Logo Placement: Gone are the days when a logo could only be placed on the left chest! Depending on the style of the apparel, you can logo the front, back, sleeve, collar – your imagination is your limit! There are also multiple ways to add your logo to any product – embroidery, direct laser, screen printing and sub-dye are just some of the options available to you.


Keeping up with the latest trends is important when it comes to properly marketing your brand. As one of Edmonton’s oldest and most well-established promotional companies, we are always here to help you select the items that would best represent your company for years to come. Would you like to enhance your corporate image further? We work with high profile brands such as Under Armour, Helly Hansen, Adidas, Nike and more! Add your logo to these sought after and prestigious brands in quantities as low as just three pieces!

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