Choosing The Right Promotional Products for your Cannabis Business

  • Oct 1, 2018

Cannabis will be legal in Canada on October 17, 2018 and we’ve noticed a huge influx of marketing efforts centered on this market, from billboards warning users of the dangers, to Facebook ads, to plans for brick and mortar retail locations. In preparation for the legalization and the birth of new cannabis-oriented businesses, we’ve sourced out some great ideas for apparel, swag and tradeshow giveaways.


Rockit BPM 500ml Water Bottle

With its inner copper insulated liner, the Rockit bottle will keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours and the double-walled insulation will prevent condensation. Constructed of stainless steel, these bottles are hardy and durable. The screw-on stainless steel lid will prevent spills, while adding a touch of class to this fantastic bottle. With multiple imprint options, including a full wrap, your brand will be on the mind of everyone who uses this slick water bottle! Learn more about the Rockit water bottle by clicking here.


Metal Spice & Herb Grinder

There’s nothing like fresh ground herbs, whether they’re for cooking or recreational use! This metal grinder comes in an assortment of colors to complement your brand and offers a large imprint area on the lid. Constructed of durable aluminum alloy, this grinder features a 4-layer, 3-chamber design with a mesh screen for fine pollen filtering and comes with a pollen scraper.


Bella + Canvas Triblend T-shirt

You know that soft, comfortable feeling of your favourite well-worn shirt? This Bella + Canvas tshirt feels like that from the very first wear! Its unique fabric combination makes for a fitted look and feel on the body that is extremely flattering. Available in a variety of colors, this tshirt is the perfect addition to your line-up of branded apparel. We have a wide assortment of decorating options as well, designed to enhance your brand experience!


Flexfit Cotton Cap

Baseball caps continue to be one of our top sellers and we’re one of North America’s leading suppliers of custom caps. The Flexfit option is one of our most popular styles, simply because it fits so well and looks so good. Our caps can be fully customized, so let your imagination run wild! If this particular cap doesn’t catch your attention, our show room is fully stocked with samples of other caps – stop in, take a look and we bet something will catch your interest!


Ballpoint Pens

Take a look in your backpack or briefcase. There are probably a couple pens in there, right? How many of them are logo’d? A pen continues to be one of the most powerful marketing tools we have, simply because they seem to travel. People give pens, they take pens, and sometimes, pens just sort of “show up”. If you’re planning to set up at a tradeshow, don’t forget to take along some pens branded with your logo. Looking for a more premium version? Take a peek at our laser etched options!


Cell Phone Power Bank

Smart phones rule the world and there’s nothing worse than watching your phone slowly die. With this portable power bank, you never have to worry about a dead phone again! Brand this power bank with your cannabis logo and it becomes a great way to market your company to the tech-oriented crowd who are glued to their phones. Choose from various imprint options to help your brand stand out!


This is just a small sampling of the great items we have here in store. If you’re in the Edmonton area, don’t forget to stop by our award winning show room and say hello. Our sales team would be happy to show you around and work with you to choose the best promotional items for your new cannabis business.

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